Creation Care 101

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Creation Care Collective presents the Creation Care 101 Program –  a free program, toolkit, and community building resource, designed for the church. Together, we engage congregations in faith-based conversations for practical applications of environmental healing and justice, in church and home contexts.

Developed alongside advisors at Yale’s Forum on Religion and Ecology and Oxford University’s Laudato Si’ Institute, the Creation Care 101 Program connects the dots between faith, science, justice and creation care. This program is free for churches and welcomes people from all parts of the Christian family.


Recommended by churches across the U.S., across 10 denominations! 

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Creation Care 101 Program

Fall Program:

Sept 2022 – May 2023

8 Sessions, 8 Months, 1 Session per Month 

    • Free for churches.
    • Live via Zoom, will be facilitated. 
    • You just show up and invite your congregation!

Results of churches across the U.S., across 10 denominations!

  • 88% of participants made changes in their homes.
  • 91% of participants made changes in their churches.
  • 97% of participants recommend the program to other churches.
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Bridge Creation Care to the Church’s mission of equity, justice, and love, to restore relationships with God, neighbor, and all of creation.


Map theology & science of creation care

Model heart-led conversations about faith, justice & care of creation

Mobilize actionable steps supported by ongoing community, tools & resources



Throughout the program, we deepen into the spiritual, scientific, and social dimensions of creation care, and explore how reintegrating it as a core value in our faith helps us be more wholehearted agents of God’s love, reconciliation, and social healing in the world.

What to Expect:

Each session (90 minutes) will be focused on a particular topic featuring leading theologians, scientists, and community organizers, followed by inspiring stories, facilitated small group discussion, and tools for practical implementation.


Connection: Time for connecting and sharing stories. 

Inspiration: Be inspired by churches and organizations living out creation care ministry well. 

Education: Ground creation care in Christian theology and science. Learn from leading faith leaders, scientists, and community organizers.

Conversation: Engage in heart-led, facilitated dialogue about restoring faith, justice, and creation.

Implementation: Receive resources and customizable step-by step guides for taking the next steps in your congregation. You will also receive community support in each step of the journey!

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Who is this for?

Church leaders and congregation members (clergy and lay members) who are:

  • Seeking deeper, more theologically and scientifically grounded understanding of creation care and creation justice
  • Seeking to connect the dots between learning and living creation care in their church, home, and community contexts
  • Seeking  practical knowledge and resources for beginning and sustaining creation care work across time
  • Seeking compassionate dialogue about faith, science, justice and creation care
  • Seeking like-minded, intergenerational community who is committed to creation justice ministry

Information Meeting

We held live information meetings to provide more information about the program and answer questions. The meetings were recorded and can be accessed below:

Fall Program

Sept 2022 – May 2023

8 Sessions, 1 Session per Month

(2nd Thursday evening of each month, each session 90 minutes)

8 session overview:

  • Intro: Faith, Science & Creation Care (recording available)
  • Eating: Theology of Food
  • Hosting: Honorable Gatherings
  • Purchasing: Living Simply & Justly
  • Regenerating: Soil, Compost, Waste
  • Reframing: Water & Energy
  • Planting: Gardens & Spaces
  • Planning: Pulling it Together